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The Brüner family has a background of over fifty years in jewelry and brothers Eduardo, Emerson and Rodrigo Brüner founded the BRUMANI brand out of this heritage in 2005. They are grandsons of Italian and Germany migrants, who arrived in Brazil in the mid-twentieth century. The Brüner brothers practically grew up in their father’s jewelry factory – Antonio Carlos Brüner.
As they grew up, the Brüner brothers learned all about their European heritage and the family traditions within jewelry craftmanship. And they combined what they learned with the joy of living and happiness of the Brazilian soul.
In only few years, they created jewels that bring together classical elegance and contemporary designs in jewelry, that allows the BRUMANI woman to express herself in a combination of colors and shapes. BRUMANI appeals to women all over the world, including international stars like Jennifer Lopez, Penélope Cruz, Katy Perry, Selena Gomes, Viola Davis, Paris Hilton, Emily Blunt, Jennifer Lawrence and Queen Latifah.
BRUMANI is a young brand with a lot of new ideas. But it brings along the family tradition of more than half a century in the jewelry business. BRUMANI has a new point of view in business. The company is looking to to be an international company with fine jewelry ,that is part of the fashion world. At the same time, BRUMANI creates jewels that contemporary women can wear everyday.
Nowadays BRUMANI is present on many international jewelry events, like The BASELWORLD at “Hall of Visions”, and also at VICENZAORO in the famous B1 pavilion, at COUTURE Las Vegas, and CENTURION Arizona. BRUMANI is expanding its presence on the international market by distributing the pieces of jewelry within the most sophisticated jewelry stores around the world.
It’s the love for the jewelry art that brings together BRUMANI’s dedicated and highly skilled team of designers and craftsmen. To design the jewelry, that represents the joy of living from the Brazilian soul.