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Mattioli creates trend setting colourful fine jewelry
relying on innovation and a tradition of 150 years of the best Italian craftsmanship

The company owes its success to the most celebrated masterful goldsmithing tradition of Torino that has been carried forward and improved with the introduction of the most advanced techniques, following the acquisition by the Mattioli family in 1995.
Thanks to the continuous dialogue between passion, research, excellence and creativity, collections have achieved an extraordinary success in their home country and at selected jewelers in Europe, the United States and Japan where the re-branded Mattioli is synonymous with Italian excellence and elegance.
Licia Mattioli is the passionate soul and the inexhaustible source of energy behind the original and distinctive collections of the brand.
She thinks of « Mattioli women » as dynamic and sophisticated yet feminine, actresses of their time and interpreters of the contemporary spirit. She imagines creations as an extension of their attitudes and personalities.
Through colorful, joyful and impeccably executed creations conveying the famous Italian lifestyle, Licia Mattioli tells the story of her travels, of art that inspires her, and of unique moments in her life.
From the best seller Puzzle, Siriana and Yin Yang collections, to regular new introductions, to masterpieces, each piece of jewelry is unique and eclectic, a daily and travel companion and an irreplaceable signature of Italian elegance.