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Pianegonda is iconic silver brand since 90’ owned by Bros Manifatture one of the most important Italian leading fashion jewelry company.
Acquired by Bros Manifatture in 2015, the brand is well known for its sensual elegant styles, timeless classic models inspired by past and present design, modern and contemporary.
Pianegonda has recently embarked on a journey to discover new values that fall outside traditional canons of perfection, in order to celebrate the world in all its glory.
These influences have given life to a jewellery collection featuring rounded shapes, angled edges, embedded stones and bold yet lightweight creations.
Pianegonda means innovation in silver jewellery offering personalized iconic pieces, wearable all day long for a precious unique customized experience.
The brand has long been synonymous with innovation in the jewellery sector.
At pianegonda, 925 silver is cut, cast, engraved and polished to create iconic designs that are real, wearable works of art.
The brand’s bold, sophisticated and lightweight designs boast excellent wearability, with clever shapes that appear to have no beginning or end, creating the illusion of a new design and rendering the look of each individual jewellery piece entirely unique.