de Grisogono

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With a profound respect for the noblest traditions of craftsmanship, de Grisogono understands that both jewellery and timepieces are the result of centuries of experience and expertise, and countless hours of breathtaking, specialised skills, perfected by devoted artisans.
Today, de Grisogono draws on that heritage, and on a team of world-leading craftsmen, specialised in, for example, sculptural goldsmithing, gem-setting, micro-pave setting, hand-engraving, hand-pierced openworking – to reach new levels of perfection, to highlight and perpetuate the refinement and finesse of Haute Joaillerie.
In this way, the de Grisogono jewel becomes not only a statement of individual style, but also a personal, tactile, intimate treasure.
The sublime craftsmanship, so vital and meaningful to Gruosi, in turn, liberates his creativity, brings visions to life, giving expression, form and colour to the daring dynamism of de Grisogono style. Craftsmanship and connoisseurship, refinement and finesse that turn a de Grisogono jewel into a timeless work of art.
de GRISOGONO dazzles with iconic jewellery collections that reflect unparalleled and daring creativity with a touch of provocation. Its perennial red carpet favourites – made of statement and subtly moving rings, voluminous earrings and interlacing bracelets – always stand out. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies, sapphires, a firework display of precious stones and colours asserting de GRISOGONO design that is not one for conservative style. Iconic designs that have become symbols of de GRISOGONO style.