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Stenzhorn House of Jewellery was born in the winter of 1979 .For over 40 years, the family-owned firm devoted its passion and effort creating unique jewellery with the most beautiful design and gemstones. The pursuit of excellence caused Stenzhorn to fall in love with the art of invisible setting, which has become an important signature in many of Stenzhorn’s quintessential creations. Over the years, through continued innovation and attention to detail, the house has developed a unique way of hand-crafting flexible necklaces and bracelets. They combined Italian and French designs with German perfectionism, which is achieved through its own engineering, and by merging the latest technology with traditional handwork.
Stenzhorn’s meticulously crafted jewels reflect a passion for life and sensuality and sensitivity for the beauty that is dedicated to modern women with exquisite taste.
Stenzhorn House of Jewellery is the ultimate luxury jewellery and watch creator: designing, manufacturing and distributing lifestyle products for women and men around the globe.
Stenzhorn jewels are made in 18kt gold or platinum, supplied by carefully selected precious metal refineries. All diamonds used in production are certified conflict-free and are bought only from manufacturers complying with The Kimberley Process regulations.