Marcello Pane

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Marcello Pane is not just a brand Marcello pane is a family. A Family that ,day by day, has built a leader company in the jewelry sector, whose main principles are: Passion, Tradition and Innovation. Vincenzo, Marcello Pane’s great grandfather, had the very first intuition and , in the historical framework of Borgo Orefici in Naples, he founded a tradition that has been going ahead by centuries .Thanks to the constant research of new shapes and by proposing always actual items, the company has fastly -became recognized by the whole jewelry world, above all for its main mission and claim: TIMELESS ELEGANCE.
Still moved by the constant research of innovation and professional growth , the Company makes its way in the silver jewelry market. The aim is proposing a Contemporary woman with elegant and good quality jewels. Nowadays , all the collections tend to celebrate the mastery of high jewelry, of which the company preserve the know how: sobering lines and high quality products. Now, at the fourth generation , Marcello Pane’s company represents all over the world the Made in Italy.
Rubber collection: The delicacy of the rose gold silver mixed up with strong crosses, create jewelry with a revolutionary charm .The aim of this collection is to create unforgettable experiences, thanks to its soft touch finishes that seem to be a caress on your skin